Refuge From The Storm
                                                                                 This is a very good film directed by Elias Acosta -based on real events!
                                                       Linda (Kristen Quintrall) is a nurse who sincerely wants to help others, yet realizes
                                                she cannot do it without herself first being healed. Steve (Michael Madsen) is on a mission
                                                   to truly understand the forces of good and evil.  They both meet at a nightclub where
                                               Linda starts working at.  Steve gets entangled by the witch night club owner (Jane Santos) and   
                                                 her stooges.  Linda overcomes the evil in her life through Christ.  Steve starts to realize that 
                                                           Linda  has what he has been searching for as he spends months looking for her.
                                                 This movie is rated  PG-13.  It has some disturbing scenes and depicts extreme situations.
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